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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh right... ghosts can do that

I got to have some Runza and locally grown sweet corn for dinner and I don't even live in Nebraska.  That was some good stuff though and I felt pumped for another game.

Pre-match summary:

  • Platinum rank 38
  • No real plan, just trying to wing it as I go (maybe I need to stay focused on trying to develop my basics)
  • Son is watching scooby-doo upstairs
Post-match summary:
  • Platinum rank 38
  • Very thirsty, a little embarrassed
  • Replay link
Match highlight:
Shields?  What shields?

Going into this battle I was sure that I had the game won.  I had expanded earlier and also won the first engagement so I thought I was ahead in both army and econ.  Turns out my macro wasn't so sharp, and also EMP is pretty good.  Oh well, onward and upward!


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