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Friday, August 5, 2011

The BM begins early!

Okay, first game is over. Here's the replay.

If you don't want to spoil the results watch the replay first.

Well I tried to stick to my plan, but I think some nerves worked their way in. I botched my early build and went extractor before gate for some reason. There were some other early errors like that, but those will smooth out. Fortunately my zerg opponent didn't go for any early pressure so I was able to build up for a bit.

I haven't watched the replay yet but I suspect that his macro just wasn't very good because I didn't really have to adapt at all to what he was doing, and eventually just rolled over him by keeping up the pressure. My own macro was okay once I got past that ugly start, but it could certainly be better.

Here's a transcript of the in-game chat:

00:06 [All] GooeyKabloey: gl hf15:51 [All] Xenos: MAN YOU ARE SO KILLED15:53 [All] Xenos: SPAM ARCHON15:58 [All] Xenos: zealot archon16:00 [All] Xenos: zealot archon16:04 [All] Xenos: youre a ****ing testament ot toss16:07 [All] Xenos: enjoy being in gold forever
So I'll take that as a compliment to my macro I think. Also a funny note about his parting shot; I placed straight into platinum.


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