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Friday, August 5, 2011

A gamer dad embarking on a modest adventure

I've been a fan of Starcraft since the original was released in 1998 when I was still in high school. I remember huddling with some friends around a printout of an early screen shot of the game before it was released. Someone had brought it to school to show off, and we all made up wild conjectures about what the units and buildings in the game would do.

On release day I had to go to work right after school, but I gave some cash to my friend who was heading out to buy it. He dropped my copy off with me a couple of hours later, and I was giddy to play for the rest of my shift.

As with most things (especially for me with my short span of attention) my interest waxed and waned over the years, but I would always come back to it every now and then. My interest in it renewed again around 2009. By this time I was spending a lot of time on reddit so I naturally found the starcraft subreddit fairly quickly. Also of note is the fact that by this time I was married and had a son too. The life of a gamer is a little different in this context than as a teenager with no bills to pay or diapers to change. So I've ended up more of a casual fan this time around, mostly watching the pros play and only playing a little bit myself.

Well I'm going to change that up a bit now. It's time to challenge myself on the 1v1 SC2 ladder along with all those young punks who play the way that I used to: all the damn time. I've dipped my toe in the ladder a couple of times, just playing a few games here and there. But not enough to really improve myself. So I'm planning to make this different. My goal will be at least 5 ladder games a week and I'll make a post here for each one along with the replay.

So in that spirit I'll be getting my son ready for bed, reading him a story, and telling him goodnight soon. Then it's off to the ladder.


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