Archons and Toddlers

Sunday, August 7, 2011

More toddlers than archons today

My son is about as good at potty training as I am at Starcraft 2.  He has all the basics down and has come a long way since he first started, but some of the more advanced techniques (wiping himself effectively and staying dry overnight) aren't quite there yet.  But just as I sometimes completely forget to put probes on gas, he has the occasional oops too.  He was standing in front of the toilet today about to get his underwear down when he peed all over the floor.  And just like having a bad game it happens, you learn from it, and move on...

So between that and mowing the lawn, going on a bike ride, helping my brother-in-law with his computer, and other random chores I didn't get any ladder games in today.  I practiced against the computer a couple of times on very hard just to keep my brain thinking SC2.  Sometimes I can do that when I can't really play a ladder game (you have to be able to pause when you have lunch on the stove and a toddler around).


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