Archons and Toddlers

Monday, August 8, 2011

Game #4

Okay, my son is napping and I have a moment for another ladder game.

Pre-match summary:

  • Platinum rank 49
  • Still focusing on macro and mechanics, not so much on strategy
  • vs Z or T I will go a mostly standard gateway army until I can get to archons, then archon/zealot
  • vs P I will probably get a robo and decide from there
I will update this post soon after the match.

Post-match summary:

  • Platinum rank 39
  • I didn't really do a great job focusing on my macro, but I didn't need to.  The plus here was how I held off his first push and had some half decent force-fields.  The game was pretty much over after that as his economy wasn't strong.
  • I think the worst part of the game for me were the couple of times I got supply blocked.
  • Replay link
Well time to wake up the kiddo for dinner.

Match Highlight - Spot the lazy probe who thinks he can loaf around for 30 seconds until I notice him just because I completely missed clicking on a mineral field.


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