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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free food and a couple of wins

Today there's a promotion at Famous Dave's; a free meal for anyone named David!  Their BBQ is pretty good stuff, probably not tip-top Kansas City quality, but great for my unrefined palette.  So after picking up my ribs I sat down for a couple of ladder games.

I started the day out ranked 35.  I'm wondering if the match-maker system might start to re-think my placement as I've been up against a lot of gold players lately (high-gold mostly, but still ugh).

Game 1 was against a zerg.  I scouted a quick pool (it turned out to be a 10-pool as I saw in the replay).  I went ahead and did 2-gate before core.  I'm not sure if that's the textbook response, but it seemed like a good enough idea.  After I'd repelled the small early pressure I had 5 zealots sitting around doing not much.  I figured I might as well send them in and, if nothing else, pressure him so he couldn't drone so hard.  Well they basically waltzed in and won the game, so that was nice.

Game 2 was a PvP where my opponent executed a  smooth basic 4-gate.  I, on the other hand, executed god-knows-what and got rolled by it.  When you have an aggressive opponent with a reasonably practiced early build it's very unforgiving to any slips in your early build.
Well that's never good.  And this is what it looked like after all my probes had joined the fight (and died).

Game 3 I got another zerg opponent.  This was my favorite game of the day.  But that's easy to say since his macro was pretty weak making it easy on me.  He over-built corruptors slightly after he scouted my colossus tech.  So I only built 1 colossus at first and eventually switched to high templar.  I kept his expansions under control and even though my macro wasn't exactly pristine I eventually was able to just build up a much bigger army and a stronger econ.
Possibly the first time I've correctly used storm on the ladder.

So 3 games and 2 wins.  I'm ranked 22 now so I get the nifty little wings on the sides of my league emblem.  I wonder if that will last?


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