Archons and Toddlers

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being patient pays off

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been slacking.  Well, slacking on SC2 but pretty busy in other things.  We went on a little road trip last weekend and had a good time seeing some out-of-town family, so that's going to be my excuse!  In other news we got to take my son to his preschool orientation today and I'm really pretty excited about him starting school even if it is basically enhanced day-care at this point.

Well I finally squeezed in a game just now so let's take a look!  Here's the replay link.  It was a PvP which feels like the most restricting match-up to me.  I opened with a fast robo because I'd just watched kiwikaki doing the same (which is never a good idea because what works for a pro doesn't even remotely translate into what works for me... but I guess it's just what I had stuck in my head).  My opponent went for some 3-gate pressure so I'm probably lucky that he didn't execute a solid 4-gate instead.  I was able to fend that off and establish a small advantage.  Now here's where the patience came in.

I didn't try to immediately counter him or anything, I just tried to focus on solid macro (with mixed results as usual) and on maintaining my lead.  I kept him scouted pretty well and he wasn't doing anything crazy so I didn't either.  We both basically built balanced gateway armies with lots of immortals.

I didn't want to blow a lead again on an ill-advised attack so I really hesitated to commit to anything.  Eventually my patience paid off when he split his army just a tiny bit to kill some destructible rocks.  That resulted in this.
His pylons just happened to help my force-fields in splitting his army.
So that was the positive side.  I was decent with my scouting, I was patient, and I created a good engagement for myself where he was stuck in a choke and divided.

But then I found out the bad parts of the game.  In the economy screen I saw that I'd only built 44 probes and I was sure I'd built almost 60.  I knew that I intentionally cut probes a bit when he pushed me early but I didn't think it was that much.  In the end 44 probes was pretty good for two bases, but if it had been a longer game that would have hindered me since I was expanding to a third base just as the game ended.  Also I would have been really vulnerable to some sort of drop or proxy pylon play because I didn't get any cannons up when I sent my army out to contain.  I could also be better with keeping my observer safe and building an extra one, because if my opponent had sniped mine off it could have really hindered me.  And as always I had a few of my trusty supply blocks!